Sorting, inspection and modification of parts and products

Emphasis is placed on the speed of response to the assignment and professional execution of the order in accordance with ISO standards.
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Each employee involved in the execution of the contract undergoes a number of trainings, which are focused on safety and work organization. Knowledge and compliance with the established rules are continuously verified, supplemented and possibly renewed.

The implementation of orders is managed by experienced masters. They ensure communication with the customer's contact person, acquaint employees with the order execution process, ensure supervision and continuous quality control, and keep records of the order process.



We are equipped with common tools, but we also use lathes, milling machines, drills and grinders with the appropriate tools. We provide less common aids, tools or special machines or gauges in agreement with the customer or recipient of the service.

We are also equipped with digital technology, enabling us to operatively discuss possible changes and problems requiring visual confrontation via e-mail.
Our facilities have professionally built workplaces, including separate workplaces for blowing and cleaning with compressed air.

An ESD workplace for the processing of parts and products sensitive to electrostatic discharge has also been built in the Hořovice plant (if necessary, we are able to create this workplace immediately in our other facilities as well).

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Terms of order execution

The order is implemented in accordance with the conditions of the order execution and the assignment stated in writing in the Assignment form- Order Specification (FM 03 - 003).

Good-quality parts, modified or sorted ones, will be marked on the outside of each package with a green identification tag with the Sortteam s r. o. order number, name, number of the Customer´s part, brief description of the performed operation, quantity, release date, signature and identification stamp of the release worker.
Unless otherwise agreed, the reaction time of 4 employees at a distance of up to 50 km from the company's headquarters is 2 hours, up to 100 km 3 hours, up to 150 km 4 hours.
The customer is responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of the provided documentation of samples and attachments.
As part of ensuring the FIFO principle in the implementation of the order, the customer determines the order in which the individual packages are to be processed, either by numbering or by acquainting Sortteam employees with the differentiation of individual production batches in their documents.
In the case of work on the customer's premises, the customer ensures suitable conditions for the implementation of the order, i. e. illuminated, sufficiently tempered spaces, or work desks.
Unless otherwise requested by the customer in the "Specific customer requirements" column in the Contract - Order Specification (FM 03 - 003), the parts are marked as described above when handed over to the customer after the order has been executed.

The identification tags are filled in in Czech when the parts are produced in the Czech Republic or in English when they are manufactured abroad.

If the subject of the assignment are parts with a documentation obligation (D part - 15 years of archiving) and if the customer requests it to deal with the documents on the contract in this way, it shall state this fact in the Assignment - contract specification (FM 03 - 003) in the "customer specific requirements" column.
Sortteam s.r.o. does not require ISO 9001 2000 certification from its small suppliers (carriers, labour suppliers).
The customer is informed about the result of sorting and modifications after the end of the order through the report on the execution of the order (FM 03 - 004) in the communication language (English, German, and Czech) of the customer. We provide ongoing information on the results of sorting and adjustments on request (by phone, fax, e-mail).
The conditions for the execution of the order become invalid if their content is changed by the agreement of another contract between the Customer and Sortteam
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