3D printing

Materialization of digital images into real 3D models.
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3D printing to order

Let 3D printing bring your digital ideas to life. Our printers can handle products from a variety of industries - manufacturing and automotive, entertainment, education, healthcare (protective shields, drape sleeves).

You can also turn to us for creating corporate promotions - printing signs, company logos and plastic promotional items.

Our goal is a satisfied customer, so we always provide quality products at an affordable price.

What are we printing?

Advertising signs

Have your company lettering printed in an unmissable 3D form.

Corporate items

Promotional items and company logos in various colours.

Fun elements

Key ring, pencil holder and other items in your own design? No problem!

Spare parts

3D printing is becoming part of manufacturing processes. Don't miss the revolution in plastic spare parts.


There are no limits to imagination. Contact us with any individual requirement.


Glitch-free 3D printing

Faster, cheaper and with maximum accuracy. Thanks to 3D printing, you no longer have to wait for delivery of the necessary components. Streamline your production process by incorporating unique plastic 3D parts. We will materialize previously unproducible and unavailable items exactly to your liking in the shortest possible time.

Most used materials:
ABS - The most resistant material to acids, oils and hydroxides. It is used for printing objects exposed to weathering for a long time.
ASA - Suitable for small details and demanding applications. Provides mechanical and heat resistance and rigidity.
PLA - Affordable and versatile material with a wide range of colours.

We offer

S čím vám pomůžeme

3D modelling

You don't have to worry about the 3D model yourself, we will create it for you. Just give us an idea, supply sketches or drawings and we'll take care of the rest.

Prototype production

Rapid prototyping is an ingenious discipline of 3D printing. It allows us to create a customized prototype for you in a matter of days. Are you looking forward to it?

Editing after printing

It doesn't end with 3D printing itself. We're happy to glue large pieces together, create threads and remove supports. We also sand and varnish the prints.
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