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We offer high-quality services backed by highly qualified staff. Our advantage is also time flexibility and non-stop operation.
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Sortteam s. r o. was established in 2004. Many years have passed since the establishment of our company, but our original goal is still the same - to bring its customers quality services from the hands of real professionals.
The company was certified in 2004 to a system of standards: ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO TS 16949. It is currently certified to the ISO 9001 standard.
The company has two production sites in Hořovice. Both sites use a production area with a total size of approx. 800 m2 for sorting and modifications or cooperation.
The company is insured against liability for any damage caused by its own activities with operations throughout Europe.
The company operates mainly in the automotive industry and has professionals in the field.
The current goal of the company is to improve its activities and gain the largest possible circle of satisfied customers.


Sortteam s.r.o.
Ul. Sklenářská 795/2, Hořovice 268 01

IČO: 27129110
DIČ (DPH): CZ27129110, Detail plátce DPH

Personal agency
Pražská 346/33, 268 01 Hořovice

IČO: 05305110
DIČ (DPH): CZ05305110, Detail plátce DPH

Sheltered workhouse
Zámecká 1466/5, 268 01 Hořovice

IČO: 28975634
DIČ (DPH): CZ28975634, Detail plátce DPH

Production and Storage Premises
Vyšehradská 1348/4 Nové Město, 128 00 Praha 2

IČO: 27404374
DIČ (DPH): CZ27404374, Detail plátce DPH
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